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The Best Hardwood Flooring Options

With Top Knot Flooring

More Americans than ever are choosing to remove the carpet from their homes and have beautiful hardwood floors installed. Many homeowners make this decision when they discover how much the air quality inside of their home has been compromised by dust, dirt and animal dander that has been trapped beneath their carpet. Not only do you get a cleaner home with much better air quality once your hardwood floors have been installed, but you can also expect rooms that look lighter, fresher and more spacious. This home improvement will also greatly increases the value of your home.

Top Knot Flooring offers a diverse range of high quality hardwood flooring options. Our collections include exceptional domestic and imported species in a wide range of finishes and sizes to suit virtually any project and budget. From dramatic distressed designs to smooth modern looks, from thin entry-level products to thick flooring that can be sanded and refinished for generations to come. Any kind of flooring that you need, we have it all here at Top Knot Flooring Inc.

Your Choice of Hardwood Flooring

There are two main types of hardwood flooring: Solid Wood Flooring, and Engineered Wood Flooring. Both of these choices are 100 percent real wood and are offered in a variety of colors and styles. However, there are some differences that you should understand in order to choose the best option. Your contractor will also help you pick the best type of hardwood flooring for your situation.

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Solid Wood Flooring: This option provides you with a completely solid piece of wood that is available in a variety of thicknesses. Because it will react to both moisture and temperature changes by expanding and contracting, it is recommended only for rooms that are located at ground level or above. This flooring is tough, but its good to know that it can be sanded and refinished as many as 10 times throughout its lifetime. 

Engineered Wood Flooring: Manufactured using several layers of wood veneers rather than one solid piece, this generally offers more resistance to damage than the first option. Because it doesn't react in any way to moisture or temperature changes, it's a great choice for bathrooms or basements. It generally cannot be refinished more than twice during its lifetime.

Some Popular Hardwood Flooring Choices:

Distressed Wide Planks: Wide-plank flooring is increasing in popularity, due to its beauty and fewer seams. It comes in a variety of wood types, but choose a distressed wood if you want a rustic look.

Reclaimed Pine: Most reclaimed pine comes from historical structures. Using reclaimed pine flooring in your home is eco-friendly and brings a historic/refined and luxurious look to your home. Please note: Top Knot Flooring doesn't have access to this flooring material, but if you have a source we can install it!

Maple Plank: This flooring brings warmth to any home. The dark and rich color is always a show stopper!

Red Oak: This hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices available because of its ability to coordinate with any design style. The reddish tones add to its natural beauty and its resistance to wear makes it a great option for high-traffic areas.

Ebonized Hardwood: This flooring option is a simple way to add luxury to any space. The dark, opaque look complements many design styles while really standing out in a neutral, contemporary space. Dark hardwoods, such as oak, cherry & walnut, create the best sleek black look.

Brazilian Cherry: If you want an exotic look, choose this wood. The multitude of colors in the grain gives the floor a beautiful look. Aside from its visual appeal, its sturdy nature and affordable price make it a popular choice among the exotic hardwoods.

Eucalyptus: To bring high style to your space, choose this hardwood flooring type. Its fast growth and high availability makes it an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly choice. Pair the flooring with white furnishings to create an elegant and modern look.

Douglas Fir: This plank flooring brings a comfortable, welcoming feel to your home. The stain in the fir highlights the detail in the grain, delivering a striking design aesthetic to your home or office.

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Those in Walnut Creek California, Concord California, and surrounding areas can depend on the staff of Top Knot Flooring, Inc., for any hardwood floor need. With over a decade in the business, you can expect the most experienced contractors to provide the very best results, whether you want a simple installation or a custom job. Both types of hardwood flooring are available, and each friendly and professional installer, sander and finisher has been specially trained to install them. For a free estimate or a prompt and friendly answer to any questions, please call 925-435-9871.


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